BIG on MAEVE and Made by Joel

The main thing separating kids from their grown-ups is a sea of years.  Side by side collaboration between adults and their children can become the meeting point for unprecedented creative voyage. Art becomes open-ended like the sea, and like the sea, you can never predict what will happen; just watch the wind, raise the anchor and sail away. (Jo and Lilly on Made by Joel)

With our ship up and sailing we have enjoyed some wonderful day-trips, firstly as guests on Made by Joel and then in the very lovely pages of MAEVE magazine. We are currently editing the designed pages of BIG and prepped for a huge week that will hopefully end with us handing over the BIG pages to our printer! If you are signed up to receive our newsletter – a sneaky page peek is heading your way.

Meanwhile we are in transition here now that our mothership site has take over the original url of this little blog boat! If there are any blog experts out there please advise if our followers will be able to come with us or if we have to do something more than re-direct our address which is now at

While we are excitedly getting our pages in order, have a flick through the amazing MAEVE  and subscribe to BIG Kids Magazine before September 12th to go in the draw to win the original artwork by Madeleine Stamer shown alongside our BIG feature:

We loved working with Joel as featured guests on his wonderful blog, Made by Joel.  Our guest post describes the side by side potential in creating with a child rather than creating for a child. Joel generously helped realise our BIG boats with his gorgeous template design which will feature in our magazine (and you can download it here now!)

Twyla and the BIG Ocean collaborative project as featured on Made by Joel

Joel with his completed templates of our BIG boats drawn by Lilly

on Aug 20, 2011

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