The B.I.G Artcard Project: Tiny worlds by Lea Redmond

One night early on in the BIG dreaming I fell into a miniature web of a world that felt like Alice first falling down the rabbit hole. Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs is a brave, oh so imaginative and generous creative visionary and we are still grinning that she is one of our B.I.G Artcard Project artists.  As children, both Lilly and I lived in miniature worlds creating tiny-sized stages and shrinkies and writing impossibly small letters.  In BIG kids Magazine there is a page devoted to small worlds in each issue, with this first flight edition including ideas for creating your own miniature art gallery complete with thimbles of peppermint tea and tiny cheese squares. There is also a link to download Lea’s tiny sized post box.

Download and play for ‘artifact advice’!

Lea writing tiny sized letters


Cultural change comes in many forms and even the smallest, subtlest experience can change the world. How else does the world change but one person at a time. Lea

Lea Redmond Lea has been re-imagining the world and developing her interest in the relationship between unique, handmade things, and mass-produced items since childhood. Her shop and projects pages are equally fascinating, unexpected and irresistible. She is the inventor of the World’s Smallest Post Service. Her sky scarf knitting project is based on a line knitted each day in relation to the colour of the sky.  The roledex project is a contributory hand-drawn ode to objects. The small times newspaper is complete with tiny themed classifieds, articles and images.  Her interest in material culture has also led her to work at The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California, where children learn to connect with the earth and each other through a garden and kitchen classroom.

Her three original character images for the B.I.G Artcard Project are divine and SO cheeky- each one opening unending potential for conversation and imagining.  Luca’s fave is the snail! Which is yours?
“Bit” (Bravery)
“Twerl” (Imagination)


“Gos” (Generosity)
on Sep 26, 2011

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